For us, making soap is a very personal expression of spirit. After 15 years and thousands of pounds of soap, it is still exhilarating and satisfying to unveil each new batch.

Sassy Sisters handcrafted soap is lovingly made in small batches, using natural oils, goat milk from our own goats, pure essential oils, and beneficial herbs. Our cold-process soap retains its natural glycerin, and will moisturize your skin as it cleanses.

Our soap is formulated with base oils and bees wax to produce a bar that is hard and long lasting, moisturizing, and makes piles of lather! In addition to our base oils, we add castor oil at the end of the process to enhance the soap’s moisturizing qualities. We use only pure, plant-based essential oils as scents—you’ll never find fragrance in our products, because all fragrance is artificial and has no aromatherapeutic benefit.
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