Why use our product? Because they work!

So you’ve tried other brands of so-called ‘green’ cleaning products, and you found that they just don’t work very well. Or you found several multi-syllabic, unpronounceable ingredients on the label, and you just don’t have the time to research each one to find out if it’s safe. Or perhaps you found that the ingredients were listed as “a proprietary blend of surfactants” or some such corporate speak. That is not how we operate. We use effective, safe, pure, and simple ingredients that are natural or naturally derived. We list each and every ingredient on each and every package.

We formulate and test each and every recipe ourselves—in our own kitchen, our own bathroom, and on our own laundry. If it doesn’t work in our home, we’re not going to tell you it will work in yours. We get to meet many of our customers face-to-face, and we will not sell a product if we cannot look you in the eye and guarantee its effectiveness and safety.

Many ‘green’ all-purpose cleaners are simply surfactants and fragrance or essential oils. We include vinegar and borax in ours, and their time-tested effectiveness in cleaning is the big difference. The same is true for our other products. We don’t cut corners on quality, and we won’t use ingredients in our cleaners that we aren’t comfortable with in our own home. If our young granddaughter can’t safely use a product, we won’t sell it! Pure and simple.